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Aruba has a lot to offer for everybody. Water sports, entertainment, nature and fine restaurants. Also the nightlife in Aruba is great with dancing bars and many casinos.

To make your stay more comfortable, we already made a selection of important things and the best places of interest.

Important phone numbers:
general alarm number: 911
Fire department: 911
Hospital emergency: 911

  • Oranjestad 100
  • Noord 107
  • San Nicolas: 104
  • Santa Cruz 105

Hospital general number: 5874300
information number: 118

To call a doctor or dentist, we suggest to see the yellow papers in the telephone book, under “doctors” and “dentists”. If you have any problem during your stay, you could also call Rent House Aruba. We can help you to get the correct telephone number. If you need any medicine after office hours, you could call the general number from the hospital, which Botica (pharmacy) has night shift.

Phone calls:
With most telephone providers it is possible to make phone calls in Aruba. Let your phone search for the “Setar” or “Digicel” network. To reduce phone costs it is also possible to buy a SIM-cart from the providers mentioned before. Prepaid Sim-cards you can buy at the airport, after you picked up your luggage, for around $ 20,- including some credit. Extra credit you can buy in every super market or gasoline station.
Note: To use a SIM-card from one of the Aruban providers, you need a SIM-lock-free telephone.

English language newspapers are: The News, Aruba Today

The beaches in front of hotels are public and free of charge, only the beach chairs are reserved for hotel guests. Many American people go to Moomba, between Holiday Inn and Marriott. You can rent a beach chair for $ 5,- a day.

Places of interest:
Alto Vista Chapel: Small church build on the North coast of Aruba.
Arikok national parc: Paved roads make it’s nowadays easier to drive thru the beautiful national parc. Visit also the special made center with a lot of information about the environment of Aruba.
Hooiberg: Hill in the middle of the island, 168 meters high. The stairs with 560 steps brings you to the top where you have a nice view over Aruba.
Jamanota: The top of Aruba highest hill, 188 meters. This hill is in the middle of Arikok national parc. It is almost possible to reach the top by car. With clear weather you can see Venezuela from here.
Natural Bridge: On September 2nd 2005, early in the morning the largest natural bridge in Aruba collapsed. Still thousands of people come to this place to see the remaining parts and the smaller bridge which is still standing.
Natural Pool: Natural shaped pool, between rocks. In the pool are many tropical fishes, so bring you goggles with you. You can go by organized tour, or at your own risk with your Jeep Wrangler (4x4) or walking (45 minutes). Bring enough drinking water and sun lotion. When the sea is rough, we advise not to go swim in the pool, because the strong flow of the water.
Rock formation Ayo and Casibari: Between the enormous rocks, trail has been made where you can walk. At Ayo rock formation you can even find Indian drawings.
California Lighthouse: Most famous Lighthouse at Aruba, named to the sunken ship “California”.
Donkey Sanctuary: Sanctuary for donkeys, maintained by volunteers. If you are early, you can feed the donkeys yourself.
Ostrich Farm: You can get a guided tour at charge. Make pictures of the Ostriches and feed them. Not enough Ostrich? It is even possible to eat ostrich egg or ostrich beef in the restaurant.
Baby Beach: Bring you goggles with you. Beach in the south of Aruba.
Boca Catalina and Arashi: Two beautiful beaches in the north of Aruba. Bring your goggles with you and find the turtles .
Oranjestad: The main capital of Aruba. Oranjestad has a nice shopping area near the cruise terminal with a lot of jewelry shops and restaurants.
High Rise Hotels: In Noord (North of Aruba) are the Low Rise and High Rise hotels. Against the high rise hotels are shopping malls with many shops and restaurants.
San Nicolas: On your way to baby beach you pass the old industrial city San Nicolas. It is nice to take a look and drink something at the local bar Charlie’s.

Aruba is an Island with tropical temperatures, between 77 – 90 Fahrenheit. The trade wind, characteristic at the Leeward Islands, provides a cool breeze.

The Island is outside the Hurricane Belt. Sometimes it happens that we get the tail of a hurricane. These days a lot of rain can fall. The most rain falls in the months October – December. The biggest part of the day it is nice weather, with sometimes a quick shower.


Travel documents:
Ask your local travel company if you need any Visa. Normally it is allowed for US citizen to stay for a period of 3 months per calendar year on Aruba. Your passport has to be at least valid till your return.

Health care:
Vaccinations are not required for Aruba. We advise to bring (or to buy) some mosquito spray. In the months October – February we have some mosquito’s. Dengue is a illness carried by tiger mosquito’s, which we also have on Aruba. If you get symptoms like diarrhea, pain in the eyes, pain in joints, high fever, and bleedings, then it is good to contact a doctor.

The Aruba Currency is the Arubaanse Wettelijke Gulden (AWG) or also called Arubaanse florijn (Afl.), in English Aruba Florin (Afl.) The coins exist of Afl 0.05 - 0.10 – 0.25 – 0.50 – 1 – 5 and notes of Afl. 10 – 25 – 50 – 100 and 500.

Dollars are also accepted on the island.

Credit cards:
Credit card payments are allowed in most hotels and some big restaurants. Also you can get money with your credit card in banks. To rent a car on Aruba a credit card is required.

Debit cards:
Almost everywhere on Aruba you can pay with your debit card. In the cash machines from the bank you can choose Florin or Dollars. If you stay longer in Aruba, then choose Florin. At local places you will pay less in florin than Dollars because of the changing rate of $ 1 = Afl. 1.75

To rent a car at Aruba you need a valid Drive license. The minimum age to drive a car is 18 year. Many companies require a minimum age of 23 years old + 2 years driving experience. Rental prices are between $ 180,- to $ 250,- for small cars and $ 500,- per week for SUV, Van or Jeep Wrangler. Ask for the traffic rules at the rental company.

Telephone numbers of recomended rental companies:

Hertz car rental 5821845

Top Drive car rental 5871729    

for more phone numbers, see yellow papers in the phone book under “ Automobile Rentals”


Super markets:
Everywhere on the Island are small (mostly Chinese) super markets. Large super markets you can find at the L.G. Smith Boulevard, between Oranjestad and Noord

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